Are you someone who easily gives up stuff, position and of changes or are you very very attached to your workplace, your colleagues, your regular rhythm, your cup of coffee as soon as you get up, you …. (fill it yourself but in).

I believe very much in the power of letting go.

I believe that learning to let go is one of the biggest lessons is that we live in this life. Let go in all respects. Let go of limiting beliefs, feelings, stuff, patterns, relationships, ideas, expectations, disappointments, emotions, thoughts …

I saw this very inspiring movie of a Japanese man who possessed in total just 150 items.

It wasn't that he could no longer afford because of the money. He chose deliberately to minimize the stuff at home, so as to have space in his head and heart.

The more you dare to let go, the more space is there.

Because it works the way it is, as soon as there is a vacuum, this vacuum will be filled with something. Letting go is difficult for many of us. Deep inside, we are stuck to those patterns, to the security that the well-known feelings brings with it. And also if it was not a pleasant experience, yet your unconscious still clings to that, because you subconsciously know what's going to happen and that 's what you subconsciously like.

Would you like to change that.

Start small and very practical. Start by cleaning up your workspace. Take everything out of the closet, look what else you want to keep and what should. Open all your desk drawers, throw away what can away, give away what is of value to another and keep what else do you want. It is just hard work, but then you feel so much lighter.

I have taken everything out of my last weekend and gotten rid of what is no longer with me paste, given away what remains of value.

I have all my valuables in such a place, so I know where it is and where I can find it. I enjoy the space in my closet and I have promised myself not to fill that space with stuff, but with even more space.

Are you inspired to start? I very much hope you are!

It is really very nice to all those things that have been around for years in your closet, in motion. It brings you also in movement. Let you know how it is for you below me?
Humbly yours,

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa